Schweizer 1-34 Performance Summary

The data on this page are gathered from the factory published owner's manual and are deemed to be correct.
However, it is the pilots sole responsibility to verify and fly the aircraft within the limits of factory published information.

Weight and Balance
Empty Weight 622 lbs.
Maximum Weight 840 lbs.
Maximum Pilot Weight* 218 lbs.
* Important - Weight of pilot must keep nose on ground when nose is pushed down.
Pilot must carry sufficient ballast to keep nose on the ground when nose is pushed down
with the pilot sitting in the seat.

Air Speeds
Maximum Speed calm air Vne 115 Kts
Maximum Speed to Deploy Spoilers V 115 Kts
Maneuvering Speed Va 69 Kts
Recomended Aerotow Speed Vt 48-52 Kts
Stall Speed Vs 31-33 Kts

True airspeed is greater than indicated at altitude. Vne decreases according to the following table.
Altitude 0-6500' 10,000' 13,000' 16,000' 19,000'
Vne 115 Kts 109 Kts 103 Kts 97 Kts 91 Kts

Speeds to Fly    
Minimum Sink 43 Kts  
Best L/D ~33/1 48 Kts  

Chart: Compliments of Greater Boston Soaring Club