Public Glider Rides

at Harris Hill


Quick Passenger ride Facts

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We are open weekends until June18th 10am-5:30pm

Open 7 days a week June 19th-mid August 10am-5:30pm.

We do not take reservations.  all rides are on a first come first served basiS

(If coming from a long distance away, call ahead to find out if we are open and the weather conditions)


607-734-0641 - Airport  (WHY WON’T SOMEONE ANSWER THE PHONE?)


-$96 for high performance (ASK-21) glider - max passenger weight 245 lbs.  (Why?)

We accept Visa or Mastercard or cash (exact change preferred).  All flights accommodate one passenger only.  Rides last typically 15-20 minutes.


We regret that we are unable to take reservations.  All rides are first come, first served.  The best time to be sure of a ride is at start of operations (10am).  (Why don’t you take reservations?)

Gift Certificates 

Give a remarkable and memorable gift of a glider ride at Harris Hill Soaring.  Gift certificates can be purchased online or any time of the year from the National Soaring Museum Gift Shop by calling 607-734-3128.  Online certificates include a $4.00 additional handling fee.


51 Soaring Hill Drive, Elmira, NY 14903.

Google maps directions to Harris Hill.

Harris Hill gliderport is co-located with the National Soaring Museum in the Finger Lakes region of New York state, approximately 90 miles Southeast of Rochester and 60 miles West of Binghamton  


We only fly if weather permits.  Call ahead if it may be windy, rainy, or a low overcast or visit our webcam and weather station for conditions.

Groups and Corporate Services

If you are interested in inquiring about a group soaring rate for 10 persons or more, contact our marketing vice president via email at marketing [at]

Pure & Beautiful


Experience silent flight at one of the most scenic and historic soaring sites in America, Harris Hill.  Co-located with the National Soaring Museum, and Harris Hill park a visit to the Hill makes a pleasant day trip amid the beauty of the Finger Lakes.

Your FAA-certified commercial glider pilot will take you aloft in either a modern high performance ASK-21 glider or the classic Schweizer 2-33 trainer.  Both aircraft carry a single passenger -you! and your pilot.

There is no practical age limit, young or old.  All you need is a desire to experience graceful, silent flight over the Chemung valley. 

Weather permitting, each ride lasts 15-20 minutes.  All flights are towed to an altitude of approximately 4,000 feet above sea level.  Your pilot will point out the local sights and on most days, Watkins Glen and the Finger


High Performance Glider - $96

  The ASK-21 is a two-seat (one passenger, one pilot) high performance, German fiberglass sailplane and the most popular choice for public glider rides.  It features wrap around canopy for spectacular views, comfortable semi-reclined seating.  The ASK-21 is very quiet, flies slightly faster, and has better range than the basic trainer allowing it to cover more distance during a passenger flight.  Most passengers agree that it provides a very smooth and quiet ride.  Passenger weight limit: 245 pounds.

Schweizer 2-33

Basic Trainer - $90

  The 2-33 is a classic 2 seat (one passenger, one pilot) glider designed and manufactured by the Schweizer aircraft company in the late 60‘s and early 70‘s less than 5 miles from Harris Hill.  Sporting aluminum wings, steel tube fuselage and fabric covering, the 2-33 is simple, reliable, and rugged.  Known for its gentle handling characteristics, the 2-33 is Harris Hill’s primary flight training aircraft for our student pilots and the most widely used training glider in the U.S.  Upright seating and a wraparound canopy provide excellent views during your flight.  Passenger weight limit: 235 pounds.

Our Aircraft

Lakes are visible to the North with Elmira and Corning to the Southeast and Northwest, respectively.    Be sure to bring your camera or camcorder to record the rolling hills and incredible beauty of Upstate New York from the air.

All seasons are great for taking a flight at Harris Hill with the Fall foliage in late September and October being particularly spectacular.

Want even more information?  See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page

The Joy & Grace of Soaring

See for yourself how the grace and beauty of soaring flight will bring you joy.

Ride along with Todd Knapp, one of our commercial pilot and glider flight instructors, as he takes a passenger for a ride at Harris Hill.

Visit Finger Lakes Wine for more to see and do in the area.

Make Harris Hill part of your Finger Lakes experience

     An unforgettable Gift

Buy in person at the National Soaring Museum for $96 or

buy online now for $100 ( $96 +  $4.00 handling charge)