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   Harris Hill Soaring Corporation

Closed until early April 2016 - In the meantime visit the National Soaring Museum

Plan on attending the International Vintage Soaring Meet - July 9-16, 2016!

We are closed for the winter and will reopen for public glider rides in April, 2016


  1. 607-734-0641 - airport (Why don’t you answer the phone?!)

  2. 607-742-4213 - Office (9-5 weekdays)

ADDRESS: 57 Soaring Hill Dr. Elmira, NY 14903

Price:  $96 for high performance ASK-21, $90 for Schweizer 2-33 basic trainer.  We accept Visa and Mastercard or cash (exact change is preferred)

More information on rides can be found here.

     An unforgettable Gift

Buy in person at the National Soaring

Museum for $96 or buy online now for

$100 ( includes $4.00 handling charge)